• Neds

    4th Dec 2019 by

    “Nobody loves me. Everybody hates me. I think i’ll go eat worms”

    Review by Lewis Goodall

  • The Raid 2

    20th Nov 2019 by

    “Its not that I dont trust you, its just that I dont trust anybody”

    Review by Lewis Goodall

  • Gremlins

    13th Nov 2019 by

    “One, two, three, four, five new ones. NOW can I have one?”

    Review by Lewis Goodal

  • Ex Machina

    11th Nov 2019 by

    “You shouldn’t trust him, you shouldn’t trust anything he says”

    Review by Lily Taylor

  • Lewis’ Top 5 Films

    6th Nov 2019 by

    So today is my BIRTHDAY!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY. So today we’re taking a break from our regularly schedule program so that I can have the chance to talk about my top 5 films ever! I’m taking this time to show how much I love these films, an appreciation post if you will. You may not care for… Read more

  • When the Wind Blows

    4th Nov 2019 by

    “It’s called, ‘Mega Death’ I think, so many millions people dead per bang…any ketchup dear?” Review by Lewis Goodall Life…… BOOOOOOOM….. GONE……. decent……..laughter…….destruction……..hope….damaged curtains. That was my little slam poetry that I was inspired to write after watching this film about a nuclear bomb hitting England. I cant tell what was more explosive, the bomb… Read more

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