Team America

“I promise, I will never die”

Review by Lewis Goodall

This is just one of those films I feel like everyone has already seen already, not quite sure as to why I’m writing this at all, I’m just wasting my own time. You’ve already seen it so why are you reading this? Go enjoy yourself, you don’t need to know my opinion on puppets having sex. You’re still here?

Team America, directed by Trey Parker, is a story that’s so American it makes me want to live in a trailer, eat oversized food, shoot innocent people and fly that ol red, white and blue. Gary, the best actor in the world, is hired by Team America, an anti terrorist defence force, to infiltrate the terrorists and gain information about any upcoming attacks. When the team anger the mastermind behind the terrorists, a plan is created to destroy everything, world and all. 9/11 times a thousand.

This film is one of the most ridiculous, stupidest, funniest films there possibly is and I honestly do not think anything will come close to this. With media getting censored nowadays because somebody’s feelings gets hurt, we’re not gonna get films like this anymore because people are scared to offend. This film has all the stereotypes you can possibly fit into one film and it is incredible.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone have brains that I would be scared to explore. In case you’re not aware, they write South Park too so that should show you enough as to what this film is like. If you haven’t seen south park either than you’re clearly Christian and have been told that TV is a creation of the devil. Both of them know how to write stupid comedy down to a tee. Its stupid but at the same time It is perfect satire. Team America is just such a nod at how stupid and over the top America is, especially when it comes to its defence. The fact that in the first 5 minutes of this film, Team America attempt to stop a terrorist in Paris but In the process of stopping them, actually just blow the whole city up, doing more damage than the terrorist ever would and still claiming it as a victory. It’s perfect.

This film is made with puppets which makes this film timeless because it still looks great today and honestly the puppeteering and set design in this film is incredible. Each puppet clearly has so much effort put into each one which really gets you immersed. Having a puppet have better facial expressions that most actors is an impressive feat. There are perfect moments where the puppeteering are done badly to add to the joke and it’s just all done so well. Especially the sex scene, that’s golden.

Overall this film is just one of my favourites. Its endlessly quotable, I watched it when I was younger and I loved it for its stupidity, but as I get older I fall more in love with it because of its genius. The over the top themes and the god damn soundtrack, that soundtrack is absolutely hilarious and can pass as real songs. The film will make me laugh over and over again and are you still reading this? I thought I said at the beginning that there wasn’t a point because you’ve already seen this film right? Everyone has…. right? If you haven’t seen it then you know someone who has, and that someone is way cooler than you.

8 Matt Damons out of 10

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