The Terminator

“I’ll be back”

Review by Lewis Goodall

Hasta la vista, baby‚Ķ wait no that’s the second one. I watched the first two films in one day so I’m getting my wires crossed. Too much Arny in one day has muddled my brain.

The Terminator, directed by The James Cameron, is the 1984 Sci Fi classic that if you’ve never heard of it you mustve been in a coma since 1983. The year is 1984, a human soldier has be sent back in time to protect Sarah Conner (Linda Hamilton) from a lean, mean, killing cyborg, THE TERMINATOR (Arnold Schwarzenegger). The Terminator has been sent back to ensure that Sarah’s unborn child doesnt see the light of day as that child, is the key to saving humanity in the future.

There’s something about someone being chased constantly that really puts you on the edge of your seat. Even though I knew there were multiple sequels, I still had this constant fear throughout. It’s the chase, the chase that gets me, knowing that every single moment you’re breathing, there’s something on it’s way trying to kill you is terrifying, especially If that entity is Arnold Schwarzenegger. It’s the constant pursuit that made this film so tense and so great, not one moment ate you thinking that Sarah and the soldier are safe.

I’ve talk about 80’s films before, literally in the last review so I wont express my love for the practical effect even more but this film has it and it’s great again. But jaggerty if that’s a word but they still hold up pretty well. What holds up too is the acting, although parts were slightly cheesy, they all are great at creating such a tense game of cat and mouse where the cat is a futuristic killing machine and the mouse has a perm.

What I mainly mainly MAINLY love about this film though is a story of time travel that makes 100% sense the first time watching. Something with time travel films nowadays is that its overly complicated unless you watch them over and over but with The Terminator, everything just made sense. It was a coherent time travel story where all the loose ends are completely tied st the end which is pretty rare and why I think this film is loved by many today. That and its just in general an awesome film.

Overall, much like Robocop, this film is a perfect example of prime time 80’s sci-fi. It’s a fantastic, original story with great special effects. Plus the music is so 80’s so if you like movies for the music then head here, if you like movies where you can slightly see Arnold Schwarzenegger’s cock then this is the place for you too.

8 Drive Throughs out of 10

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