Three Identical Strangers

“I guess I wouldn’t believe my story if someone else were telling it”

Review by Lewis Goodall

What would you do if you discovered you had a twin? Growing up with a twin is fine but discovering you have a twin when you’re 19 years old, imagine the possibilities, the pranks you could pull, the banks you could rob. It would also be much easier for you to perform some magic tricks where you disappear and reappear somewhere else. Everything seems better when you have a twin. But imagine having being identical triplets!! The magic tricks you could pull then! Well these three brothers didn’t take advantage of their triplet nature in that way but their story sure is insane.

Three Identical Strangers, Directed by Tim Wardle, tells the incredible story of three triplets who are separated at birth and rediscover each other at the age of 19. It tells the story of how they managed to reconnect and also their quest to discover why they were all separated. Going down the rabbit hole, they discover a twisted, dark mystery.

The story is just so bizarre. It truly goes to show that true life just cannot be written. The fact that they all found each other is amazing but the circumstances that split them up are just truly horrifying and really makes you question what other horrific organisations are out there. I’m not giving any spoilers as it ruins the whole film but my description should get you thinking about watching it to uncover the mystery, it’s a good en.

It’s a well made documentary that keeps you on your toes the whole time, wondering what twist and turn the story will take next. There’s always another details that’ll pop up to make you question everything and when you get to the final its leaves you with more questions then when you started but having the mystery still in your mind is great. I want to delve into the story myself and find out what in the hell is going on! It boggles the mind and really makes you question the world and what is happening under the crust. Are there any mysteries in my past? Do I have a twin I don’t know about? Were you part of octoplets?? Nobody knows. All i know is that you should watch this.

8 Jew Fros out of 10

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