Extra Ordinary

“Do you ever have nightmares after eating cheese? You might’ve eaten a ghost”

Review by Lewis Goodall

With all these films about ghosts now, how can we deny that they exist, they’re everywhere. A ghost could be watching you right this second and you wouldn’t know, they watch you when you sleep, they haunt your house, they haunt every thing in your house. They haunt your cheese, you’ve eaten ghost cheese and you don’t even know it, open your eyes!!

Extra Ordinary, directed by Mike Ahern and Enda Loughman, follows Rose (Maeve Higgins), a ditsy driving instructor who also has the gift to chitter chatter with the dead!! She uses her talent to help save Martin’s (Barry Ward) daughter from a washed up rock star who’s using a satanic ritual to reignite his fame.

“Extra Ordinary” from Kino Lorber films

I think the UK has a certain charm to their small budget comedy films, especially when they’re about ghosts. This is just one of those perfect quirky, easy watching films when you’re looking to stick something on for a quick laugh, and lemme tell ya, this certain has them. There were a few moments that made me rewind it so I can enjoy the joke again. Even with a super simplistic storyline, this films manages to keep your attention with the gags.

Maeve and Barry both play an awkward duo perfectly. They’re Equally as strange so they bounced off each other well. This matched with some great parody writing made for an all round enjoyable experience. It didn’t break any barriers in terms of blowing my scalp off with some amazing cinematic scenes but like I said earlier, it’s a perfect easy watch.

Overall this film felt very much like a wannabe Edgar Wright film but that’s in no way a diss. The editing was great and added to the jokes which was great to see finally considering Hollywood don’t know how to use the camera to enhance a joke, take note from the Irish.

7 Ectoplasm Jars out of 10

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