Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

“Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here! This is the War Room”

Review by Lewis Goodall

I havent done this before on here but I just wanted to take the chance to talk about one of my favourite films ever made. It didnt reach the top 5 but it would definitely be in the top 10 for sure. It’s one of those perfect films that has just about everything included in one film.

Dr Strangelove: or how I stopped worrying and learn to love the bomb, directed by the king of cinema, Stanley Kubrick. Based on a book with a much shorter name, Dr Strangelove is a political satire regarding nuclear warfare. When a general gets a silly idea, he orders planes to fly to Russia and nuke the place. Meanwhile in the presidential war room, the highest authorities in the military meet to discuss plans on how to stop the attack from happening.

On the surface this seems like a very political film about nuclear warfare… which it is, but it is also a perfectly constructed satire about the ridiculousness of warfare. It’s a comedy disguised as a high tension drama and it plays both parts incredibly. The comedy is mainly brought along by the incredible Peter Sellers who plays three roles in the film. Captain Mandrake, a British captain who works alongside the insane general that orders the attack on Russia. The President and also the infamous Dr Strangelove, a German in charge of weapon research. Peter Sellers was aloud to run riot as all three of these characters. Considering Kubrick is such a perfectionist, its surprising that he let Sellers take the reigns but if you’ve seen the film, you can see why he would let Sellers out into the wild and just film the outrage.

Most of Peter Sellers lines are improvised which makes it all the more hilarious. I wouldn’t say this is the funnest film in the world but having such farcical characters within such a dramatic and serious situation just makes it hit that much more different. Aside from the comedy, the actual story line it pretty unique and the narrative plays perfectly like a disaster film, where the real disasters are the people in control.

Obviously the direction of this film is incredible, its Stanley Kubrick for christ sake. Kubrick has pretty much nailed every genre, the war genre with Full metal Jacket, Sci Fi with 2001: a space odyssey and horror with The Shining so naturally he had to tackle comedy and he nailed it. This is true comedy, not the pap that you get nowadays, this is classic comedy at its finest.

Overal this film is just so great, so so great, I love it. I think Sellers makes the film, if he wasnt there then it wouldnt play so well but his performance is some of the finest in comedy history. Also this films tone is so serious as well and what happens within the film, actually got the law changed. They actually changed the law to make sure that the events in the films never happened in real life. Little fact for you there.

10 Five Fingered Nazis out of 10

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