The Jerk


Review by Lewis Goodall

The Jerk, starring Steve Martin as the lovable goof Navin R Johnson, is adopted by a Black family but doesn’t feel like he fits in. Having this overwhelming feeling of not being complete, he sets off on an adventure to discover a part of him that is missing.

Everyone loves well crafted comedy, a serious story but with stupid comedy laced within. But every now and then you have to sit down to a film with a stupid story line with stupid comedy. It’s good for the soul, it’s as important as one of your five a day doctors say. Steve Martin delivers a fantastically goofy comedy with The Jerk. The story itself seems pretty straight forward from the way I described it but there are so many bits in this film that are just so crazy that sometimes you wonder what the hell is going on. From a random assassin chasing Navin to him guessing peoples weight at the circus, this adventure takes you from one wacky sequence to another, it’s just so random you can’t help but laugh.

I’ve seen a lot of people saying that this is the original stupid comedy and you can certainly tell that it paved the way from future classics like Dumb and Dumber. I think it’s a film that would be funnier the second time round because I’ve been watching scenes back again and laughing more the second time round. Watching Steve try and dance along to music with no rhythm is a sight that plays over and over again in my head, if it seems like I’m miles away and not listening to what you’re saying, just know I’ve probably got that little Steve Martin dancing away in my head.

This film very clearly takes Inspiration from classic black and whites comedy films. As a huge lover of old school comedies, I could spot the similarities instantly. Having a random singing scene between the love interests or a sped up chase scene is very old school which I very much enjoyed. It was a great blend between old and new comedy.

Overall this is a comedy, yes it certainly is and a great one at that. It’s one of those Sunday afternoon films to watch and have a good belly laugh. Its very wholesome actually, that’s what I’d say about this film, it’s a light, easy watch, like Philadelphia cream cheese for the eyes.

7 Opti-Grips out of 10

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