Old boy

“Laugh and the world laughs with you. Weep and you weep alone”

Review by Lewis Goodall

OldBoy… more like OHBoy….. thank you that’s my time, I’ll be here twice a week.

OldBoy, Directed by Chan-wook Park, is one of the finest mystery films I have ever seen. Kidnapped and Imprisoned for 15 years, Oh Dae-su (Min-sik Choi) is released with no clue as to who imprisoned him and why. He then finds out that he has only 5 days to work out the mystery behind his imprisonment.

This film took my brain and rung it out like a soggy tea towel in the best way. I’m honestly still recovering from this absolute masterpiece of cinema. I believe the story is based off a comic but what an incredible story. This is how mystery stories need to be told. At the beginning I was confused at hell but that’s exactly how you’re supposed to feel (I hope). You’re in the same shoes as Oh Dae-su. Why is this man In this cell? Who is keeping him there? WHATS GOING ON?! But as Oh Dae-su is released and slowly putting the puzzle together, you go at exactly the same pace as him so that you’re trying to work it all out together.

Notably this film has some incredible performances from absolutely everyone. Oh Dae-su is fantastic and so is the girl he meets along the way, Mido (Hye-Jeong Kang), who helps him try and piece everything together. Their performances really helped with the storytelling, especially the scene in which Oh Dae-su fights 10 guys at a time with just a hammer as the strength of determination to find his kidnapper keeps him going.

This story is all about revenge, Oh Dae-su and his quest to get revenge on the person who imprisoned him. I thought I was just getting myself into a revenge tale where a man just goes bat shit crazy on as many people to get to the person hes getting revenge on, honestly I was getting ready for a Korean John Wick. Little did I know that this film would affect me as much as it did. At the beginning I thought it was a bit strange and wondered what all the hype was about but once the end credits rolled I didn’t know what to do with myself.

I could honestly talk about all the parts of this movie for ages. I could talk about the incredible choreography of the fight scenes, the wonderful music that backdrops this story, the editing that splices all the different sequences together perfectly. Its one of those films that has a bit of everything because there were moments of comedy thrown in as well which I wasn’t expecting. This film is quite like Parasite in that aspect of it just having a bit of everything and it doing all of it incredibly well. We need to focus more on Korean films.

Overall…. wow… just wow. This is the sort of film that angers me because I know there are people that don’t watch foreign films and they are missing out on perfect films like this. There’s just so many strokes of genius in this horrifying painting of beauty. They made an American remake I believe, do not watch it, watch the original because I can just tell that the remake will just be the watery part that comes out the ketchup bottle. Watch the full ketchup.

10 Worker Ants out of 10

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