“Long live the new flesh!”

Review by Lewis Goodall

Welcome to the Videodroooooooooooome. Tonights host is David Cronenberg where he will be exploring the evil which is television. We follow Max Renn, for the folks at home who doesn’t have a keen eye, Max Renn is played by James Woods. Max Renn runs a pretty sleazy TV station called Civic TV and deals with soft core pornography all the way to torture and murder films. When he stumbles across a new sort of show called ‘Videodrome’, he pursuits to learn all of its secrets. Going down the rabbit hole he finds himself fighting between reality and fiction. It’s a thrilling show for you all tonight so let’s get to it.

Television is an evil entity according to a lot of tin foil hats, I agree with them to an extent (love island) but it also makes way for great shows (Bojack Horsman). Videodrome is an exploration into the dark side of television and how greedy corporations can manipulate the viewers. Atleast that’s what I think this film is about, honestly it’s so bizarre I just had to find myself going along with it at some points.

As the films goes on and the deeper Max starts to delve into the secrets of this videodrome program, he starts experiencing hallucinations which make way for my favourite parts of the films. These hallucinations become pretty grim and gross, the main one being a hole in Max’s stomach which looks so real thanks to the practical effects. Thank the lord for the 80s and their practical effects. Being practical, the effects in this film hold up to today’s standard which is always amazing. Without the practical effects though I felt the rest of the film was just waiting for the next effect.

The story was strange, it was an odd one to keep up with. Not sure if it was just me but the story felt pretty unrewarding. It was sort of a mystery but the next step always seemed slightly off of what happened previously. I couldn’t really understand the motive of what was going on other than that people who run TV networks are evil. My face only lit up whenever the next practical effect arrived.

Overall its was a pretty mediocre experience aside from all the cool, gross effects that were in place. From the creator of ‘The Fly’ I’d expect nothing other than to be freaked out by what I was watching. It just felt like the story wasnt really evolved to be something that grips me. I haven’t written a long review because honestly I’ve already forgotten most of the film and I watched it yesterday. I have to give it credit though, that hole in the stomach practically effect was so gross, I won’t be having a C-section any time soon

6 Hitler Ballet Posters out of 10

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