The Platform

“There are 3 kinds of people; the ones above, the ones below, and the ones who fall”

Review by Lewis Goodall

I’ve never been an evil doer, never really been in trouble apart from setting fire to stuff at school with a magnifying glass. I just don’t think I’d do well in prison. I’m too soft for that, the prisoners would treat me the same way Timothée Chalamet treats a peach.

The Platform, Directed by Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia (I hope I’m pronouncing that correctly), is a thriller set inside a unique prison. This is a vertical prison with one cell per level. Each day a platform filled with food lowers itself through the levels, allowing two minutes for the two occupants of each cell to feast. Level by level, the food becomes more scarce as more food from the platform buffet gets devoured. The film focuses on Goreng ( Ivan Massague) as we watch him survive in this mad house of hunger.

First off, let me blast my ‘creative story’ trumpet because this is such a unique idea and I’m more than in love with it. The idea of a prison that lays out a beautiful bouquet everyday for the prison to be gradually torn apart by each level of the prison is amazing. Maybe it’s just me on this but I love it. Something about the prison and how it works is that the prisoners spend a month on each floor and then they are moved to another. One month you’ll be on floor 8 say which is great! First pickings on the buffet, but then the next month you might be on floor 80 where the buffet is mainly the leftovers from the previous 79 levels… Yucky.

It’s an amazing idea and fabulously acted out by our protagonist, Goreng. As mentioned there are two occupants on every floor. Goreng shares his cell with Trimagasi (Zorion Eguileor), an elderly gentleman who explains the rules of the prison to young little naive Goreng. The chemistry these two have as they battle the levels is great. Starts off as a typical, student master dynamic you know? The old “oh what does this button do?”, “NO!! do not touch that button, you don’t know what the button does”, that sort of relationship, a button pressing one. They gradually see eye to eye and play the prisons game together.

This is a no spoiler program so I’m not going to give any more information other than what I’ve spouted so far In terms of how the prison works and stuff but it’s a seriously well crafted story with an interesting idea behind it. I’d say that with every great idea, sometimes it’s a great idea and that’s all you get, fantastic idea that is stretched across and hour and a half so at points it did get a bit repetitive I guess but it had a few moments thrown in to completely flip you on your head which was a much needed way to keep it flowing.

Slight spoiler, I’m going against what I said in the last paragraph but I just want to. So another point I wasn’t keen on but it was the structure of the end so skip to the next paragraph if you don’t want this spoiled for for you. The end is left open, which I absolutely love in most cases but in this film I felt like it could’ve done with a finished off story, purely because it ends before what I wanted to happen, happened. It felt as though they didn’t really know where to take it from the end but hey ho, I have no say in these things, I’m just a little man holding a phone talking about films.

Overall I felt this film was one of the more creative I’ve seen for a while. The idea itself is enough for me to recommend it. This film gets a bit… nasty at points I’ll say, a few ickies thrown in there so just a warning. It’s also Spanish as well and who doesn’t love a Spanish accent.

Its obvious, 7 out of 10

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