The Shape of Water

“I am incomplete. He sees me, for what I am”

Review by Lewis Goodall

Love. God gave humans love so that they may have babies and then the babies can make love. It’s a weird concept because love is such a consuming feeling that everyone experiences. Usually you fall in love with a human you have a connection with or a fish you have a connection with. Love effects us all differently.

The Shape of Water, best picture Oscar winner in 2018, directed by Guillermo del Toro, is the story of unique love. Elisa (Sally Hawkins), is a lonely cleaner who works in a top secret research facility. Sally is a mute so can’t communicate properly with other people other than throwing up gang signs ( aka sign language). A new asset is added to the facility and held in captivity. The new asset is a strange, amphibious creature which Sally builds a bond with.

The Shape of Water is pure beauty. Everything about this film is beautiful, from the visuals to the direction to the music to the way Sally Hawkins masturbates in the bath within the first 4 minutes of the film, it’s beautiful. Guillermo del Toro did an incredible job making this film such a pleasure to watch. The two main factors that stick out for me is the cinematography and the music. This film is set in America but the music is very very very French which enriches the romantic feel to this film.

Looking at the script, I could seriously imagine all the actors being thoroughly confused at what was happening because when you really boil it down, it’s the story of a woman falling in love with a fish. It’s a simple as that, that’s the story. Is shows the true power of a wonderful director who can take a concept like that make it beautiful. This film is a modern day fairy tale.

Sally Hawkins plays a wonderful mute so we really connect to her and the relationship she build with the fish. There is one scene in particular that truly shows the connection she has towards the creature and it’s that moment that I felt fully invested in how she feels. That sort of moment is rare in films nowadays so having a character with perfect writing but no dialogue, shows how truly special this film is.

Overall this film is a moving painting. It’s truly one of the most beautiful films ever made so considering the bizarre concept, it’s one that humans can relate to on some level. This film will make you fall in love, either to the story, the visuals, the music or the fish, it’s mighty fine.

8 Mustard Fingers out of 10


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