The Invisible Man

“you’re the jellyfish version”

Review by Lewis Goodall

Aaaaah Blumhouse productions, you’re certainly doing well for yourselves aren’t you. To think this empire started with paranormal activity and now you’re pumping out horror after ‘horror’. I’ve previously review ‘Fantasy Island’ which was Blumhouse and that film was a total bum house. Invisible man is on the other end of that spectrum. So it’s not a bum house but more a house bum, but that doesn’t sound good either, if anything bum house sounded better… ignore this, onto the review

The Invisible Man, directed by Lee Whannell is a horror/thriller based all on the lingering unknown. Cecilia (Elizabeth Moss), is victim to an abusive relationship which she manages to escape. When her ex, Adrian (Oliver Jackson Cohen) decides to become ex-living, she can’t help but feel that he faked it. With a sense of overhanging fear surrounding the fact that he could still be out there, she struggles to know what is real or not.

Blumhouse seriously need to focus more on films like this where everything is competent to make a film that is actually enjoyable to watch. If they can keep with this momentum then they’re good because The Invisible Man hit different to the other horror films that seem to be dribbling into cinemas.

So the story itself is pretty decent, its leads it up well to get the viewer invested in Cecillias ordeal. Shes a survivor of an abusive relationship but still thinks that shes being watched by him, I think we’ve all been there. Her ex boyfriend works with optical equipment and is very well off because of it. You should see his house, Christ it’s a beauty, no wonder she put up with a black eye every now and then. After his untimely suicide, he leaves a portion of his fortune to her, giving her $100,000 every month to total value of $5,000,000. Not too shabby. So with this money and the knowledge that he’s no longer around she begins to let her hair down a bit. After a series of suspicious events, she can’t help but think he is still around, watching her every move.

The horror and effects in this film are done pretty well. I feel I’d be spoiling it if I told you any of what happens in terms of the horror because it is worth experiencing for yourself. The reason I feel this horror stands above the rest is for the shock value because halfway though this film, its turns from a generic horror into something else. The tone of the film changes course so much that it’s a real slap to the face when it happens, and from that point on it just keeps hitting. The moment in question was just so unexpected and that’s what horror films need, not just gimmicky jump scares but something that serious hits and changes the course of the film in a moment.

Now this is still a horror so it of course has its downs as well. It has those moments where it’s better for the drama of the scene for everyone to just be a fucking idiot. This film is certainly guilty for that as well as cliche dialogue so it has been pulled back in turns of getting in my very good books but its certainly still better than the other naff horrors out there.

Overall this is actually a horror film I recommend. I said it was a thriller at the beginning as well because a lot of people might see it as much, on that case it is a good thriller as well. Blumhouse!!! Do more films like this, DO NOT MAKE ANYTHING LIKE FANTASY ISLAND EVER AGAIN!!!

7 Paint Jobs out of 10

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