“I feel like grabbing you by your ears and screaming”

Review by Lewis Goodall

I feel like being a journalist would be great. At points I thought about how I would like to be one but then I realised that journalists are horrific people. News in general Is horrific, especially the paparazzi. Spending your time hanging outside a restaurant in case a celebrity comes out, falls over and reveals their snatch, not really a way to live. There is however the news of night crawling, which after this film made me want to get a camera, go out and film late night car accidents. That’s the power of film everyone.

Nightcrawler, written and directed by Dan Gilroy and stars Jake Gyllenhaal as Louis Bloom, a convict who finds his way into crime journalism. The deeper Into this new world he ventures, he strives to cross the line in order to be the best in the business.

Shit damn this film is pure fire, I’ll say it now, its mighty good, but why do I think that?? Hmmmm let’s have a chat shall we. So we’ll start with ole jakey playing Lou Bloom, the man of the midnight hour. Lou is a character that is one step away from becoming the joker. He is just so meticulous but also unstable at the same time which created a fantastic unease about him which made the film unpredictable. He’s a character who knows what he wants, how to get it but also have this aura about him like he has no idea where he is. He’s a seriously interesting character to watch cause like I said, you don’t really know what he’s thinking and what his next plan will be so it’s some serious edge of your seat stuff. The whole idea of his character sort of makes the film more of a character study, but if you just want to come along to see people gasping for breath as they leave a mangled car they’ve just crashed then that’s all there for you too.

So nightcrawling, in case you’re unsure, is basically the job of nighttime journalism. People listen in on police frequencies and travel to any crime or accident that may be of interest to film. They race there, film the incident and then sell it on to news stations for major bank. Rinse and repeat this every night. Lou is currently out of work and stumbles across the scene of a car accident where he sees some of these night crawlers filming the ordeal. Him thinking “that looks fun, I wouldn’t mind filming people who have nearly just died for profit” he goes and gets a camera to venture on his own. So you have an unstable protagonist who goes to different crime and accident scenes film the aftermath. Its just the perfect recipe for unpredictability and it works so well. All credit to the direction of this film to make it fast paced to keep you on the edge of you seat whilst also delivering a powerful message about the media.

Its definitely up there with my favourite thrillers, I’d say the only thing that I can really knock it down a bit for is just for the extra things such as music, the score was quite generic but one moment I did notice which I loved was a case scene with lack of music. This may sound like I’m against the music cause I’m happy there wasn’t any but this chase scene with no music made me focus on the actual chase and made it more real. Usually there’s high octane generic music over the top which serves no purpose but having the only sounds be the revs of the engines and other car chase scenes sounds, it made it way more impactful. The fact that it stuck with me shows it was a great choice with direction.

Overall this is one hot shit film, reeeeeal hot. Its also a film that I can recommend to absolutely everyone. Usually I love a film and say that it’s not for everyone but this… this is one I urge everyone to watch cause I feel everyone can get something out of. Great acting, great script, great sequences and great unpredictability which is what a thriller needs. Good job Dan Gilroy, good job.

8.5 Dead Pan Shots out of 10

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