“Real love’s hard to come by. So you find a way to cope without it”

Review by Lewis Goodall

In the true Elton John nature, I feel like I should get someone else to write this review for me whilst I get all the credit for it.

Rocketman is recreation of the life of Elton Hercules John. Played by Taron Egerton, we see into the life of the flamboyant pop star as he breaks out of his “mummy and daddy don’t love me” phase and into stardom (and rectum as he discovers later in life).

Elton John isnt an artist I particularly have an interest in. Watching this film actually made me realise how many of his songs I know that I didnt actually realise were his. Being all about him, it went for the wise choice of featuring songs that were sung by Elton John. I wasnt expecting this film to be done in a musical style though, I was more envisioning a take a lot like ‘bohemian rhapsody’ where all the songs were sung normally instead of the surrounding extras joining in with the song as well. It felt very much like a splice between Mumma Mia and Bohemian Rhapsody, yeah, that’s a nice splice. Saying that I felt it was an off brand ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. Rocketman was more Sainsburys basic.

The incorporation of the songs was good…. 50% of the time, other times just felt a bit cringey. I love a musical, but It has to be done well when someone randomly burst into song or it just looks ridiculous. I got that ridiculous vibe sometimes, purely because some actors started to sing and I really wasnt expecting them to. The songs themselves were good though, I’ll give them that, I will find myself listening to a Elton John song here and there now.

Moving onto the storyline itself. What do you, oh lord of saint Elton John have to offer us in terms of a story? What’s that? The same story as Freddie Mercury just with a lot less aids? Riiiiight I get you. The film is told over the course of an AA meeting where Elton confesses to the group everything about his life, starting from a wee little nipper who liked the piano and going through the years of how he became more famous and more hooked on copious amounts of cocaine and penis. I quite liked this idea as narrative in terms of him reciting his story to a group, felt that was nice but also I feel like a voice over wouldve added a lil something something to the film.

Right I’m just going to say it, I dont know why they made this film, although at the same time I can but at the same time no. My reason for this is because Elton John is still alive, I feel like this is usually done as a tribute when someone passes away but to me, honestly it feels like a cash grab after Bohemian Rhapsody, there, i said it, come at me Elton fans. The film just feels very generic and cliche. It’s your typical feel good film, I’m not necessarily a fan of feel good films because I find them all to be the same, but this one has an Elton John skin so if you’re a fan of him then I would recommend it.

Overal I feel like I probably would’ve enjoyed it more if ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ didnt exist, that being said I cant deny that this is a good film. Might not of been for me but I would certainly see why people would enjoy it. It has a full helping of his songs and gives a backstory to the superstar. You learn a thing or too as well, I had no idea he had two songs called ‘Pinball Wizard’ and ‘Honky Cat’ so that’s something.

6.5 Platform Bowling Shoes out of 10

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