Uncut Gems

This is me! This is how *I* win.

Review by Lewis Goodall

I have to pinch myself quick, make sure I’m not imagining all this. I dont know what the check it for when you think you’ve enter an alternate universe but I must be. There is no way on Earth that this isnt a dream. I’ve just got to accept I’m now in a reality where Adam Sandler has actually made an incredible film.

Uncut Gems, written and directed by the Safdie Brothers (that might mean something to someone), is the tale of one man who wants it all. Howard Ratner, a New York jeweler, makes a series of poorly judged bets which has left him on some peoples naughty list. Hellbent on hitting the high on big bets, he has to juggle business and his personal life whilst trying to hit the ultimate win.

Controversial opinion right off the bat but I know I’m not the only person to think this. I think Adam Sandler shouldve been nominated for best actor at the Oscar’s. Crazy I know. I’m not saying he shouldve won, Joaquin deserved that award but atleast some recognition for his performance because Sandler was actually watchable unlike his usual tripe. Watching Sandler play Howard Ratner, a sleazy businessman who loves to say the fuck word was incredible. He delivered a great performance that makes me forget all about Jack and Jill (who am I kinding, that’s burnt into my brain like a brand). There was a scene inparticular where Sandler really showed some spot on acting ability, WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL HIS CAREER!! He obviously had it in him and I got he continues on this train because it’s a really nice train, a comfy train with free wifi.

The story itself was super engaging and pulse pumping. I will say this is a very intense film, not in terms of seeing gross stuff or anything but it’s a constant panic throughout. There is always something happening and you’re always on edge, which is great but I maybe wouldnt recommended if you get anxious easily. Everyone else in the story played their parts very well, no one cog in this machine seemed to drag. Fun fact, this film is 7th on the list of films to use the highest number of f words, clocking in at 408 so if you dont like a good cuss, I’d fucking stay away from this one.

Everything in this film just worked. I have a couple of issues with it which I’ll say quickly. The script itself was great, but it mustve all been written in caps lock because everyone seems to all tell in New York, I’ve never been so maybe its accurate but the yelling was quite a lot. I would much prefer to listen to yelling instead of the music though. The best way to describe the music would be to quote my mum. “This music sounds like a baby crying, I want to throw something at the TV”. I tried to like the music but after 15 seconds it became quite a lot, it was very loud to the point where you coudont hear people talking at some points.

Overall my only real problem with the film was the music, it genuinely was a fantastic film and I’m still shocked that Adam Sandler was the main star. I would seriously recommend this to anyone, especially if you’re hard of hearing because all the yelling would sound fine. Maybe they were yelling the whole time so they can be head over the music. For a crime film about a gambler who wants to always hit the next big hit, it’s one of the best, but if you’re opposed to seeing Adam Sandler naked in the boot of a car, maybe give it a pass.

8 Ferbie Necklaces out of 10


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