The Greasy Strangler

“I usually shot around 6 ropes of cum, and then dribble a bit of the clear stuff”

Review by Lewis Goodall

Tell a monkey to read Shakespeare and to understand it, I dont think it would be able to. Tell an antivax mum to read facts about vaccines and understand it, I dont think they would. Tell any human on Earth to watch the Greasy Stranlger and understand what was going through Jim Hoskings mind when he directed it, there is no chance they would be able to.

From what I managed to get from this film, the Greasy Strangler is about a father son duo who run their own disco walking tour. They go to different places showing the tourist all the hot spots for moments in disco history. When a girl joins one of their tours, the two battle it out to win her affection. Also theres a greasy strangler going around killing people.

This film is bizarre, this film is sickening, this film unlike anything I’ve seen beforeā€¦ and I loved it. THIS FILM IS NOT FOR EVERYONE!! Putting it out there now. This is as niche as it gets, this isnt a happy sunday afternoon, stick on a film with the family kind of film. This is the sort of film you watch on your own and dont show anyone because they might think you’re a freak even for watching it.

I’ve watched a Jim Hoskings film before, ‘An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn’ and that was also bizarre but not like this. He certainly has a style of filmmaking which is hard to decipher whether is satirical or not. His films are purposely made to appear awkward (I hope), and that especially is through the actors. So the father son duo, the father is Big Ronnie (Michael St Michael’s ( powerful name)) and the son is Big Brayden (Sky Elobar). Both of them have the strangest father son connection I’ve seen in films and person. They both constantly call eachother ‘Bullshit Artists’ but clearly both love eachother. They walk around the house in the smallest, glittery speedos ever and they’re not ashamed about having their cocks out (which I’ll tall about more in a moment). Just the pair of them are so bizarre, especially when Janet (Elizabeth De Razzo) gets thrown in the mix. These three make for a disgusting love triangle of sex and grease, it feels nasty writing it so imagine watching it.

The three of them are great at playing awful characters and the stuff they get up to does make for some seriously hilarious moments. I guess it ventures into the ‘so weird it’s funny’ category because some of it is just so strange but had me rolling. As mentioned earlier, they are afraid to have their cocks out, so when the films starts and the first thing you see is the son take his dad a cup of coffee in bed and the dad has an erection, its bizarre. Or later on when the dad while randomly flips onto his back and farts at his son, it’s weird, but weirdly funny. A few times I found myself rewinding parts because I was laughing so much. It was honestly such a ride that I couldnt help but love (although ashamed to admit that). Sometimes, but rarely the comedy does get a bit tedious, only a couple of moments where they drag a joke along for a while but honestly it didnt stunt my enjoyment.

Visually this film is just an assault on the eyes, theres so many moments where you’re just stunned at what you’re watching. Theres some costumes in this film that I honestly cant get out my head and make me laugh everytime I think of them. The weirdness of the story is great in a way, theres a few moments that go a bit too far in terms of weirdness, especially the end but it doesnt out of place because of the previous 85 minutes.

Overall this film needs to be taken for face value. It’s not meant to be a great film, it’s just an enjoyable wtf trip. The humour is childish but also incredible at the same time. The absurdity of the film means it’s hard to talk about individual moments because my brain is still trying to process it.

7.5 Paprika Ridged Porto Chips out of 10

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