“They are nice because they are rich”

Review by Lewis Goodall

I first want to apologise to Bong Joon Ho. If you’re reading this Bong ( Who am I kidding, you’re not reading this), I would like to congratulate you on making history and being the first foreign film to win best picture. I have some sucking up to do because this was my favourite film of the nominees but I for sure thought that 1917, i wanted parasite to win but my money was on 1917 just cause it seemed like the easy one that they would vote for. Much like everyone else did purely because I thought the academy would just give this the best foreign film and let it be but for once they had some sense and voted for this absolute masterpiece.

Parasite is the story of class. The Kims, a poor family, con their way and slowly infiltrate the Park family. One by one they each start working for the Park family one way or another. Making a healthy living off the Park family, they much keep their heads low as they risk of being exposed.

I’m going to say again how utterly proud and happy I am that this film won best picture, it so deserved the win because this film does everything and it does everything perfectly. I hope to god that the people out their who don’t watch foreign films will look at the fact that this won and will give foreign films a chance because they offer incredible stories, much like this one. This film is comedy, it’s romance, it’s thriller, it’s mystery, it’s horror, it’s everything a film should strive to be.

The film goes in stages and slowly builds and builds throughout the film to create a beautiful tension. This is helped by a script that’s realistic and characters that are likeable. Every single member of both families each have their own quirks and style which gives such a variety to the story and creates so many intricate parts but at the same time not being complicated to keep up with. That’s what is perfect about this film, well lets face facts it’s all perfect, but in-particular, it’s accessible for anyone to watch and enjoy the flip out of it.

Two aspects I also got erections over were the cinematography and the music. These two components come together and make a beautiful bond of cinema fireworks. A scene in particular which I won’t describe what happens but essentially the Kim family show start to show how sneaky and snidey they can be, but it’s a montage with stunning music over the top and it was pure beauty. It’s like that moment in the sausage advert where the man takes a bite and it takes his mind back to when he was a child and made him feel young again and free, not sure where i’m getting at but what i’m getting at is that sequence took you and the scenic route of a journey and the scenery was beautiful.

The last paragraph pretty much goes for everything in the film, everything was just beautiful, the acting the scenery, the pacing of the story, the charterer arcs, the overall message. Much like Black Swan, I feel this is how an art film should be. Although this film is doesn’t include a person turning into a bird, what it does do is perfectly convey a message to the viewer whilst also making an incredible film

I’m going to go as far as to say this is my favourite foreign film ever and I feel for sure it would be in my top ten films of all time because this is how a film should be in my eyes. This is what other films should strive to be. I know i haven’t talked much about what happens because it’s a film that is best going into when you know nothing about it because every moment is to be enjoyed in full

Overall i feel this is going to be no surprise at all what i’m going to score this and i’m just going to repeat everything I have already said but for anyone who skips to the overall sections of my reviews then watch this film. The script in this film does the comedy perfectly, as well as smoothly transitioning into a thriller. The production design, music and cinematography make this a treat to look at. The acting makes the whole film enjoyable and i can’t stop thinking about it. It’s a film that will bore itself into your brain and will not leave, ironically much like a parasite.

10 Peach Surprises out of 10

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