Little Women (2019)

“I’d rather be a free spinster and paddle my own canoe”

Review by Lewis Goodall

Pretty disappointed that considering it’s called little women, none of the main characters were dwarfs. That’s my bit, on with the review.

Little Women, a story told twice before In 1949 and 1994 but this time we have a cast of the latest teen heartthrobs. Directed by Greta Gerwig, Little Women follows the experiences of four sisters, told by one of the sisters, Jo March (Saoirse Ronan). As she reflects on the past, we see how all the sisters are unbreakable but spanners get thrown in the works as each of them are determined to live by their own terms and reach their dreams.

Greta certainly held nothing back when it came to the cast. So we have Saoirse Ronan who’s amazing, we also have Florence Pugh, Emma Watson, Eliza Scalen and Timothée Chalamet. That just goes for the sisters and their shared love interest. There’s also Laura Dern, Meryl Steep, and I’m sure there’s others that I cant be bothered to look up on IMDb but all the characters here play their parts fantastically and how could they not with that cast. Jo March is the main sister, Florence plays Amy, who wants to be a famous painter in Paris. Emma plays Meg, who wants to create dresses and marry rich and lastly we have Eliza who wants to play piano. Each of them work together to create an energy of love and friction. You can see that they obviously all care for each other very much but at the same time, some events effect their normal lives and causes them to start drifting away from each other.

The events of the story are told 7 years apart. The narrative goes back and forth between these two time frames to show where the sisters are now and what happened in the past that ended them up in that situation which was done in a fantastic way to gradually give you more pieces of the puzzle to work out where they all are. I followed along with the time changes well but its quite subtle so I can imagine that for some people, they wouldn’t be able to keep up with what point in time they’re at so that’s something to be careful of. I haven’t seen the first two telling of this story but I imagine these two films weren’t told with this sort of narrative so having this modern story telling is a good way to change it up from the same story to make it fresh for any fans of the originals. Like I say I haven’t seen the originals but then again why would I when they don’t have Florence Pugh in them.

I’m not sure what time period this story takes place in but I’d maybe say around WW1 maybe, I could do research but that wouldn’t be a Lewis review now would it? (I just looked it up and it’s set In the 19th century, I’m leaving in the previous bit to show how much of an idiot I am) Anyway, the set production and costumes were well created and really did transport you back to that time frame, you could really smell some of the sets, take that in a good or bad way. All this along with the music makes for a fantastic period drama so anyone who’s a fan of old school drama will be a big fan of this.

Overall this is an amazing film. Its up for Best Picture at the Oscars and I can see why its nominated but I don’t think it will win. Its told incredibly well I just felt it had that final layer to make it exceptional but I would seriously recommend this to anyone. Unless you’re expecting dwarves because they aren’t in it, not even as an extra. Its false advertising if you ask me.

8 Breakfast Dolls out of 10

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