Missing Link

“We mugged a nun”

Review by Lily Taylor

I love Laika, the stop-motion animation studio that brought us Kubo And The Two Strings and Coraline; so you can probably see why I had high hopes for Missing Link. A charismatic Hugh Jackman voices intrepid explorer Sir Lionel Frost who embarks on a quest to find the elusive Sasquatch (Zach Galifianakis) in order to secure his spot in the ‘society of great men’. When Sir Lionel finds the Sasquatch, aptly named Mr Link, he expresses sadness at being the last of his kind and enlists the explorers help in finding his yeti cousins.

Mr Link (aka Susan by this point) and Sir Lionel are joined on their adventure by old flame Adelina Fortnight (Zoe Saldana) who provides the essential map to the Himalayas. The team are also being followed by a devious bounty hunter employed by the ‘society of great men’ to prevent Frost from finding Mr Link and winning himself a seat in their club. Eventually the trio reach the yeti colony in the Himalayas but Mr Link is rejected by his yeti cousins and their Queen (Emma Thompson) tries to imprison the intruders.

On paper this film should be really great: Laika animation, great cast, a twisty turny plot but it just sort of missed the mark for me. The humour was a bit thinly spread and I found myself feeling almost bored during the film. The animation was still visually appealing but the whole package just didn’t live up to the likes of Coraline and Kubo. There were discreet jokes that I enjoyed, in one scene the bartender has ‘cash only’ knuckle tattoos which tickled me, but overall I wasn’t hooked. Missing Link has charm and some wonderful voice actors, Stephen Fry in particular is one of my favourites, and it’s not a bad film but it definitely fell short of my expectations.

I would give Missing Link 6 Head Chickens out of 10.

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