Free Solo

“Anyone can be happy and cosy. Nothing good happens in the world by being happy and cosy”

Review by Lewis Goodall

It’s quite hard to talk about documentaries. Never done one of these before so we’re both experiencing something new here. I don’t know how to structure it but I know what I want to say about Free Solo‚Ķ Watch it watch it watch it watch it watch it watch it watch it watch it watch it watch it watch it watch it watch it watch it watch it watch it watch it watch it watch it watch it watch it !!!!!!!

This is a documentary following professional rock climber, Alex Honnold. Alex’s style of climbing caught peoples eye due to the fact that he climbs ridiculously big mountain faces whilst not using any ropes or support. This film follows his adventure to tackle El Capitan (not the OS). El Capitan is a 3000ft mountain that has never been climbed in this style so Alex decides to take the challenge to make history.

This film will make you feel sick. It’ll make your palms sweaty, heart skip a beat and make you stop breathing. It has everything a horror film should have. The nerves on Alex as it shows him tackle these immense mountains without any support is horrifying and would make anyone with a normal working brain, shit themselves. Seeing how high up Alex is and him not batting an eyelid is just baffling. The man is mental (or aspergers, I cant remember how they described it in the film). This man is incredible and obviously has a major passion for climbing since he was little. Since then he has grown his love for climbing to the point where it’s the most important aspect of his life, and completely overshadows everything, including girlfriends. His friends film his endeavours and honestly it looks like it’s harder to be a spectator rather than actually being Alex because you just can’t watch out of fear and its incredible. Have I said that already? Its incredible.

It’s quite hard to talk about because if I just explain what happens then it completely spoils it, no point in watching it if you already know all the facts but all you have to know is that this is incredible. Possibly the best documentary/film I have ever seen because I felt it focuses on all the right things at the right time. It doesn’t faff with anything, all of it felt necessary to joining Alex on his journey and builds it up enough to really feel like you’re there watching him climb this mountain with his friends. So many of the shots are vomit inducing purely because of the sheer height at which this man is climbing where one slip of the finger could lead to him plummeting to his death. Its insane what this man does and its honestly inspiring seeing him be so devoted to following and completing his dreams so if you’re needing some inspiring then watch this because if one man can climb this mountain without support then you can achieve anything you put your mind to too. Watch this film now!

9 Thumb Twists out of 10

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