The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

“Welcome to the apocalypse, Mr Squidward, I hope you like leather”

Review by Lewis Goodall

When I was younger I was a HUGE fan of spongebob, that was my show, I feel like everyone had that one show as a kid and that was certainly mine. I hail the magic conch, I know the words to the ‘Fun’ song and I cry every time the penny sings. The show was great and the first film was great… as for this film, I can honestly say I have never watched a film as ridiculous and nonsensical in all my life… and it was great.

Sponge out fo water has the usual cast of Spongebob, Patrick, Mr Krabs, Squidward, Sandy, going about their day to day business when Plankton launches a massive attack to steal the crabby patty formula (the secret recipe to a burger if you’re unaware). Whilst plankton attempts to steal the formula, the glass bottle with the recipe inside disappears right in front of everyone. Spongebob and Plankton then go on a quest to find the missing formula.

I’ll say now, this is going to be a short review, there is too much to talk about with this film and watching it honestly knackered me out. There is just so much to it, if you went for a wee and came back to it without pausing, I can guarantee you would have no idea what was happening. The moment the formula is stolen and the town realises they cant have Krabby Patties, the town turns into a mad max style, apocalyptic wreck and everyone is wearing gimp suits! There is just so much happening it’s insane. Theres that whole moment, there a part where they create a time machine and travel forward in time where they make friend with a magical dolphin. Plankton travels inside Spongbobs head where it’s essentially Toon Town from who framed roger rabbit. The whole film is just mental.

Being a big fan of Spongebob I feel like I am biased and I know people wouldn’t enjoy it but for me, it was just so random that I found it hilarious because you just could not expect what was coming round the next corner. One part even had me cry laughing which is rare for me. It’s just crazy, there’s 6 people who wrote this film and it’s no wonder that it is all over the place, I reckon it was like a game of Chinese whispers but with the script, but the difference here is that the writer couldn’t see what the precious person has written, so they guessed. Saying that some of the writing I find is actually genius and super funny, its just lost in the mess

Overall, honestly there’s no words that can describe this film, I thought ‘Requiem for a Dream’ did a fantastic job of showing the effects of drug taking but this film makes you feel like you’ve taken the drug. They also got Antonio Bandares to play a pirate, it just doesn’t end for this film! The fact there is another one coming out this year that looks exactly the same has me excited but has my brain scared as I feel it will melt if it has to process another hysterical mess like this.

7 Shining Lollipop Twins out of 10

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