The Haunting of Redding Hospital

“How about a bit of backseat bingo with daddyo?”

Review by Lewis Goodall

I find the horror genre is utter pap nowadays (and from that start I’m sure you can guess this is going to be a bad one). Aside from Ari Aster, just everything new is just utter garbage. It seems to be the genre that people go to to make the easiest films. Either horror or Christmas films, both of them seem to spout the worst films most of the time, I mean, there’s one called ‘a shoe addicts Christmas’?? I would must rather watch a naff Christmas film then have to suffer a film like this one again.

Supposedly based on true events which I severely doubt, The Haunting of Redding Hospital (even the name inspires fear) is the horror story of a psychiatric hospital that is haunted by 3 serial killers. When a group of college students break into the hospital, they knock over the cremated remains of the serial killers and get exposed to the serial killer dust. The dust is infused with their souls and possesses 3 of the 4 students. The last college student that doesn’t get tainted by the naughty souls has to try and escape her friends from trying to murder her. OoooOOoooOOOOO spooky right?…. WRONG.

I think any film concept can be executed well depending on pretty much anything. You can have the most ridiculous concept but if it’s done well then it doesn’t matter, but if you choose to do the opposite and do everything badly then you’re probably the director of this film. Just everything was poor, literally just about everything apart from 10 seconds which I’ll get to later but first I need to rip on this. So I always think about script first, I focus on the writing more than anything and how naturally they can make a story through dialogue. All of the dialogue throughout the film is just abysmal, it’s all just the most cliche, the easiest writing you could possibly have. I do not, I repeat, I do not understand how a writer can make people sound so unnatural. Even if the acting is good, which in this film it definitely isn’t, a script can sound so unnatural and unrealistic to how humans actually sound. None of the characters in this film felt original, if you were reading the script and the names were covered, I don’t think you would’ve been able to differentiate between them. It’s boring storytelling when the script is horrifically unrealistic which seems to be a theme with horror films.

Not only is the script painful, but watching the ‘actors’ perform it is even more painful. The main character is Emma, played by Inbar Lavi is probably the better out of the group but still is nothing great. The other members of the group that get possessed are Kolt, Dylan and Gabby (Steven Grayhm, Eddie Hassell and Holland Roden) and let me tell you something, watching them act being possessed is just some of the goofiest acting I think I have ever seen, specifically Kolt. So the story goes is that Emma is the new gal in the college and is roommates with Gabby. Gabby is getting jiggy with Dylan and Kolt is the love interest for Emma, all very original. They all head to this abandoned hospital where all of them, except Emma, gets possessed. Now the phantoms or ghosts or souls or whatever you want to call it, they seem to manifest themselves in the three students randomly so they’ll be normal at times and then other times they’re acting as the killers. It’s just fucking dreadful… all of it, I cant explain how bad the acting is but it’s not so bad that it’s funny, none of it is so bad its funny, its just so bad it’s bad but really BAD. One scene I have to mention as I singled out Kolt earlier. The scene involves him when he’s been possessed so he’s being evil. He walks into a random room where three girls are drinking on their own. He walks in and they say hello, he then crouches down and grabs their knickers from the washing up basket and sniffs them in plain sight of the girls. He makes a weird growly “AAAAH YESSS” and then the girls look at him confused and then ask if he wants to do shots. It just made no sense and was cringey as nuts.

Yep yep all bad, the film making wasn’t great either. Its obvious that this film was low budget, you can tell from the visual effects that were goofy and the general small mistakes throughout the editing. Two that stand out is one where Dylan looks directly at the camera on a close up. How does this get past the editor? It’s a close up and it’s very obvious that it’s not meant to happen. I get why this mistake would happen in the days of film but with digital, you can do a few shots to avoid this but also come on Dylan, really?! Why you looks at the camera?? The other mistake was a really random change in the aspect ratio during a scene, something like that I don’t understand how it happens and it was super jarring. Its just things like this that is really distracting and makes a film shite. Not just the mistakes, just the everything I’ve mentioned, its just all bad, all bad.

Overall this is honestly one of the worst horrors I’ve seen. I need to mention the one thing I liked. There was a moment near the end where Emma takes a photo of a jar and the flash reveals people standing behind her. Now that was creepy and done well, but that was 10 seconds out of the 75 minute run time. It’s not even slightly entertaining, atleast with other bad films you can laugh at it but this one you can’t, its just so bad and when there’s meant to be a serious scene with a couple of male nurses trying to restrain someone, maybe just check that one of the nurses isn’t smiling the whole time. I cant explain how poor this was but I would rather have 6 arses surrounding my head, farting, than watch that again.

2 Everlasting Rats out of 10

Kind of a strange one here. Normally we’d have the trailer here from youtube but there is not a single trailer for this film on there. There is on the IMDb website so if you want to check it out (Don’t know why), here it is.

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