Seven Psychopaths

“He doesn’t have a gay head, he has a normal head”

Review by Lily Taylor

If you’ve seen ‘In Bruges’ then you’ll definitely be on board with this, ‘Seven Psychopaths’ is packed with Martin McDonagh’s signature black comedy and a star studded cast.

The film follows Marty (Colin Farrell, of course)a writer struggling to put pen to paper for his latest movie entitled ‘Seven Psychopaths’. Marty’s best friend Billy (Sam Rockwell) and his business partner Hans (Christopher Walken) make an honest living stealing dogs and returning them for the reward money. The pair run into trouble when Billy dog naps Bonnie, crime boss Charlie Costello’s (Woody Harrelson) beloved shih tzu and naturally Marty gets sucked into the drama. As they struggle to evade Costello, Marty works on characters for his screenplay based on real life psychopaths that come to him after Billy places an ad in the local news ‘calling all psychopaths’.

As you can imagine, I’m sold on the film within the first ten minutes having seen a chunky Bassett hound and an adorable shih tzu; as usual with a film directed by McDonagh that’s not the only reason to watch. The cast all put in stellar performances, Sam Rockwell plays an endearing psychopath and loyal best friend to Marty. Marty has an Irish accent and a drinking problem, a performance we all know Colin Farrell has down. Christopher Walken uses his own voice which is all that’s really required and Woody Harrelson looks like he’s permanently sucking a boiled sweet; not essential to the role, just an observation.

As with ‘In Bruges’ and ‘Three Billboards…’ the plot is woven together fantastically so that what seems like several stories perfectly ties together at the end. The humour is dark and at times farcical but it fits brilliantly with the zany characters like Billy and Charlie. My favourite backstory belongs to Hans and I won’t spoil it for you entirely but it all hinges on his stylish cravat. Its an easy watching, dark crime comedy written and directed by Martin McDonagh, enough said. I had a couple of small qualms with the movie and it didn’t quite have that star quality required for a perfect ten but it’s absolutely worth a watch.

I would give ‘Seven Psychopaths’ 8 Half Eaten Strawberries out of 10.

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