Frozen 2

“I believe in you, Elsa. More than anyone and anything”

Review by Lewis Goodall

As you’d expect, Frozen 2 carry’s on from the events of the first film. If you haven’t seen the first one then I might spoil it so sorry but not sorry, you’ve had 6 years to watch it. Don’t even know why you’d be reading this if you haven’t seen the first one but I’m not to judge.

Elsa and Anna (Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell) are slightly older, but we actually start with a flashback to when they were younglings. Their father tells them the tale of an enchanted forest, ruled by 4 magic spirits. The spirits consist of fire, earth, water and wind. A tribe lived in the forest when a war breaks loose between the tribe and the people of Arendelle (where the gals live). The war angered the spirits and the forest locked itself away to the outside world. Cut back to present day, Elsa starts hearing a call and follows it with her singing. Believing the call to be good, she awakens the spirits of the forest which actually puts the town of Arendelle in danger. The gang from the first film then travel to the forest to calm it down and save Arendelle.

Once again, Elsa has proven that she isn’t fit to have the powers that she does, like come on!! Really? You didn’t learn from the first film that you need to be careful with your powers?! Do something small with it like making ice sculptures for kids parties or be on standby in a subway and if someone wants ice in their drink then you twiddle your fingers above it like an ice dispenser. Anna certainly seems to be the most sensible out of the two so give her the powers instead (saying that, she nearly married a guy after knowing him for one day so maybe neither of then deserve the powers, give it to Sven instead). So although Elsa is up to her old, let’s mess things up tricks, the gang tags along to help her clean up her mess. Once again we have the lovable Olaf who just as much as a comic relief as in the first one. We also have Kristoff and Sven who are important for about half the film and seem to be a second thought after the story starts to focus on just Elsa and Anna because this story is certainly driven towards sisterly love.

I certainly felt as though they aimed towards having a more intricate and fleshed out story compared to the first film. Something I said about the first film is that it was original but felt very empty. The second seems to of flipped this formula and opted for a more general story whilst at the same time putting a lot more heart into it to make the world seem more alive which I honestly preferred. Just every aspect had more love put into it, it seemed (apart from the music but ill get to that). Obviously this film is 6 years older but the animation is way more crisp and stunning as the first. I also felt that the characters are more fleshed out and have more purpose in this film than the first. Everyone seems to go through more of a learning curve so everything felt a bit more fulfilling than how they were in the first film. Lewis seal of approval.

The story itself was great with following the team to calm down each spirit of the forest. Each spirit being as diverse as the next, one in particular is definitely a cash grab for Disney as the fire spirit is actually a really small, cute lizard that they’ll definitely be making toys of in the near future. So the calming of the spirits was great, there was a side story following Kristoff and Sven which was interesting until the end when they kind of just wrote in a really quick end to tie the final knot. The whole film, Kristoff is gearing up the propose to Anna and the story has a couple of songs dedicated to it. I’m not going to spoil how it ends, even though it’s a Disney film, I’m sure you can guess how it ends, but the way it’s written is fairly poor compared to the rest of the film so it felt very much like a last minute thought.

Now…… Arguably what made the first Frozen film so popular was the soundtrack and let’s not lie to ourselves, the first film had a banger of a soundtrack. Love is an open door, do you want to build a snowman?, let it go. All of them and the rest are great songs so naturally I prepared myself for another set of tunes I can blast in the car on the way to school. I’m gonna be blunt, apart from 2 songs, the soundtrack kind of sucked. It seems they put more effort into the story this time instead of the songs, the whole film has flipped from the first. There is one song called ‘into the unknown’ which is a song I have been blasting in my ears ever since I watched the film. My god that is a great song and all a credit to Mrs Menzel for singing the part beautifully. The other song is a Kristoff song which I cant remember the name of now and I cant be bothered to look, but in the film the song is done like an 80’s love Ballard and it is perfect, I was laughing the whole way through.

Overall I feel as though I enjoyed this film just as much as the first but for completely different reasons. Like I mentioned in the last paragraph, I felt as though they flipped everything from the first, this time they put more time into the story rather than the songs. If you spliced the two films together, you’d have a perfect movie, but I guess Disney has to pump out two films to get to that dollar dollar bills. Also Elsa wears a few different outfits in this film and I expect to see horny incels making rule 34 drawings within the week.

7 War(ter) Horses out of 10

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