“Big summer blow out”

Review by Lewis Goodall

Faberge egg. Now I have your attention. Yes the Faberge egg, what’s Lewis talking about now? Why is he talking about eggs? I came here for his honest opinions on the hit Disney film ‘Frozen’ and he’s mentioning eggs! Well the reason I said that is because a Faberge egg is how I’m summing up this film. Doesnt make sense now but It will.

Frozen, the 2013 hit animated film that brought Disney back to its roots with a musical adventure for the whole family to get sick of because they’ve heard the songs over and over. Once upon a time there were two sisters, Anna and Elsa ( Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel). Elsa has the gift of being able to summon ice at her will. When Anna is injured in an Elsa shooting ice out her hand incident, Elsa is forced to stay locked away to not harm anyone with her powers ever again. Once the day of Elsa coronation arrives, she leaves the room shes been locked in for years and steps in front of the town for the first time to take her place on the throne. Her powers become uncontrollable and she accidentally sends the town into a harsh winter. Elsa flees the town to isolate herself from anyone and Anna chases after her to get her to stop the horrific winter that is now destroying the town. Or something along them lines.

Frozen was the film that brought Dinsey back into the limelight. Before that Dinsey was pumping out films that no one really cared about like ‘Mars needs moms’ (if that’s someones favourite film I do apologise). This is all of course excluding when they collaborated with Pixar. Frozen brought back the musical aspect to their films by creating a soundtrack that would be sung worldwide over and over and over again. I’m not ashamed to say that I know all the words to ‘Let it go’ because even though you may say that you’re sick of it, you cant help but admit that they song hits hard. All the songs are stupidly catchy and I could nod my head along to all of them. This formula for adding catchy songs back in clearly worked because now every Disney film has songs in it like Moana and Coco, and I’m loving it.

Songs are great, but how about the girls singing it, let’s head over to the sisters in the spotlight, Anna and Elsa. Anna I feel is a character designed to be relatable by every girl between 9 and 18, she loves food, stays indoors all the time and wakes up with her hair all over the place. Everything she did felt like it was written to be as relatable as possible, sprinkle in some social anxiety and you’ve got an average tumblr user. She falls in love with a prince named Hans who she met that day. They even get themselves engaged on the same day because they sung a song together. Shes sweet and lacks connection from her sister Elsa who has been locked in her room for years, literal years. Elsa is the shy, sad one because she under constant fear of people seeing her hidden power. I feel as though a lot of people think they’re Anna but in reality they are more like Elsa. Both of them are acted really well and both characters both go along their own journeys of self discovery by helping eachother in a very sisterly fashion.

Following along the story of Anna doing everything she can to help Elsa is helped with the friends Anna makes along the way. We have Kristoff, the local ice man (not a man made of ice but a man who sells ice). We have Olaf, the local ice man (not a man who sells ice but a man made of ice). Lastly we have Sven, Kristoffs trusty steed who’s a reindeer. These 3 companions hell Anna get to Elsa who has hidden herself away in a ice castle that she made. They go to her to show her that she is loved and she doesnt have to hide away who she truly is, she can be happy. All of the characters bring their own brand of humour to the story which is great to see. Normally the humour all blends together but in this film is all seemed separated from eachother so it created some great laugh out loud moments. Other than these characters I’ve mentioned, theres no characters that feel alive. There are a lot of side characters but they just dont really have that alive factor that you normally get with Disney films which is something I’ll talk about more in a moment. Actually no let’s talk about it now, makes sense to.

My problem with Frozen is that it feels dead or atleast empty. Normally with Dinsye films, every single aspect of the story and characters and everything just feels alive but for some reason, this just feels empty. It’s hard to pi point exactly what parts of this film make it feel this way but theres something missing from the overal experience that just doesnt sit right. Actually one example I’d say is the background characters or extras as they’re called. It seemed to me that the animation used for the extras has bout half the effort put into it so they just dont look right in the scene with Anna or Elsa and makes the whole scene feel unreal and empty. It’s such a strange feeling because on the surface this is a gorgeous films in terms of animation, the story is original and the songs are amazing. So why does a film that have everything feel so empty. Almost like a Faberge egg. There we go, we got to it, case closed.

Overall I feel this is a super creative, original film. Also I might be going completely off here but I feel the whole story is an allegory for depression. Watch the film and make your own assumptions to the moral of a story, but at the end of the day it’s about a girl who locks herself away in her room and doesnt want anyone to see her true self. She feels safer and more free when shes isolated and is afraid to let people show her love. In the end she is shown that she is loved and that approaching her problems with the help of others makes her feel better. Maybe I’m looking to much I to a film that has loads of butt jokes but that’s how it feels.

It’s great of the outside but is definitely missing that usual Disney flair. Let’s just hope they bring more spirit to the sequel. I also hope they go a different direction with Elsa and taken some Inspirstion from the rule 34 artwork that’s on reddit.

7 Midsommar Flashbacks out of 10

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