Zombieland 2: Double Tap

“I’ve got a thing, for the king”

Review by Lewis Goodall

Leave films alone! The amount of times that hollywood wants to make a sequel to a film because the first one did well so they lazily make a sequel and ruin the beauty of the first one. You know they made 4 psycho films??? Soemtines you just need to know when to leave a film alone, the original is beautiful enough so when a sequel isnt needed or people dont ask for it then why make it? Why make a second Jaws, why make a second grease? It’s very rare that a sequel gets made and it matches the quality of the first one, examples of these are John Wick 2, Terminator 2 and Zombieland 2.

Zombieland 2: Double Tap takes place X years after the first. Zombies have evolved to become stronger and more agile (in some cases). The four Amigos are residing in the White House, becoming a true domesticated family. Columbus & Wichita (Jesse Eisenberg & Emma Stone) are settling into their relationship. Little Rock (Abigail Breslin) is getting bored of not getting any dick and Tellahassee is being his usual Woody Harrelson self. Once Little Rock decides she wants to move on to find herself a man, the rest go on a cat and mouse chase to help protect her from the newly evolved T800 zombies as they call them. Travelling cross country as a family brings on more problems then the zombles trying to rip their heads of and suck their guts out like a Frube.

The original Zombieland film is one of my favourite films of all time. I love the humour of it, I love the over the top comic violence, I love the editing. It’s one of the most creative zombie films out there and its fantastic. When it came out and I was younger, I would record parts on my phone so i could watch it over and over, I cant think of how many times I’ve watched it. Seeing that they’re making a second one I was very iffy about it, I felt the first was fine as it was and ended perfectly so I wasnt sure how I felt about it. I then saw the trailer for Zombieland 2 and became even more worried because it looked overly forced in terms of comedy. Going into the cinema I was prepared to disregard its existence by how poor it was, but I left that cinema absolutely loving it and feeling like that kid again who wanted to record parts and watch it over again. I wouldve if it wasn’t illegal.

Zombieland has a very unique style, if you’ve seen the first one then you now what I mean, if you haven’t then stop reading and go watch it. I was so happy seeing the sequel keep that same creative style of having text be part of the real world instead of just over the top of what’s happening. The text that appears on screen, interacts with the world in so many creative ways. The humour is still the same old goofy humour, theres still the creative ways of killing the zombies, theres still the awesome opening credit sequence of slow mo killing, it was all there, a perfect sequel.

There are so many different sequences throughout the film as the three journey along the road to catch up with Little Rock. One in particular is the addition of the new bumbling blonde character, Maddison (Zoey Deutch). Colbumbus and Tellahassee find her in a mall, going all Dawn of the Dead with it. She tags along with the journey as the blonde comic relief, and although some parts of writing with her seems very typical american, naff, forced comedy, a lot of her parts were actually pretty funny and did add quite a lot to the whole experience which is always good to see. Comic reliefs are usually just annoying but when they’re done well, oh lord it cant be beat.

Having full sequences that had me laughing out loud and some impressive editing made the whole film an absolute pleasure to watch. I was so happy seeing the original not get ruined by this film. Much like the first, it’s not a genre changing film, at the end of the day they are pretty easy films and dont challenge filmmaking but thats not what they’re there for. They are there to just have a great time and watch some zombies getting turned into mince meat by a tractor. The comedically genius cutaways to ‘Zombie kill of the year’ were potentially one of my favourite parts of the film cause they are just as good, if not better than the ones in the original. I have to say though, there is an after credits scene and it is possibly one of the best after credit scenes of a film I have ever seen. When you think about what you’re watching, it’s just insanely stupid but insanely incredible too.

Overall I couldnt be more happy with this sequel. It had all the same things from the first that made the original so amazing. My worry was that this one would seem really forced but surprisingly I didnt get that vibe from this film at all, it all seemed really natural and just as good as the first (I feel like I’ve repeated myself a lot in this review). So other than the story being pretty easy, I love every other aspect of this film. Actually apart from the fact that Woody Harrelson doesn’t mention twinkies once!! Such an integral part of the first one and suddenly he’s over it?! So unrealistic.

7.5 Blue Suade Shoes out of 10

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