Hardcore Henry

“you’re half machine, half pussy”

Review by Lewis Goodall

Hardcore Henry is a man resurrected from the dead with no recollection of what happened to him. All memory of his past life has been wiped but he wakes up to a woman repairing his body parts with robotic replacements. This woman is in fact his wife, but as she is repairing him, the bad guy who has telekinetic powers, turns up and kidnaps Henry’s wife!!! Henry then must hunt down this mysterious man with the help of his new found friend, Jimmy (Sharlto Copley). They work together to take down this bastard and save the only part of Henry that he remembers

This films style is actually based on a music video for the band ‘Biting Elbows’ with their song ‘Bad Motherfucker’. Apart from fatboy slims ‘weapon of choice’, this has to be one of the coolest, most russian, music videos I’ve ever seen. Before watching Hardcore Henry I seriously urge you to watch this music video anyway, even if you dont like the sound of the film, this video is great and full and action and humour. In fact I’ll just out it here in the review so you dont forget, here you go.

So as you can see from the video it’s a pretty intense, first person rollercoaster of violence, and if you didnt watch it then with that I’m sure you’ll go back and watch it, seriously it’s like 3 minutes, go on, treat yourself. So because of how viral this video went, they decided to get the same guy who directed it to make a full movie. So take that video and stretch it to an hour and forty minutes and add a storyline you wont care about and now you have ‘Hardcore Henry’.

What this film does incredibly is its ability to manage to make every single piece of action intense and fun to watch. Luckily this film is around 91% action so yeah it’s pretty intense the whole way through. Plus going off from the music video, this film is too entirely first person. Although this adds an interesting twist on filmmaking in general, the heavy action scenes where Henry is being thrown around by bad guys like a rottweiler with a baby, the first person view can be pretty disorienting. Other than the feeling of nausea you may get watching it in this view, it also shows how much of a beast Henry is. Being half cyborg means he serious packs a punch when fighting the hoard of henchman that he takes on. Whether it’s down to Henry breaking someones back or grinding someones head down a wall, every single hit, hits hard, and I mean reeeeeeally hard, a lot of parts making you wince, one part in particular if your man, trust me, that part made my meat and two testicles hide back inside myself.

This film is considered more of an experiment due to the innovative way of shotting the film and it seems like most of the effort went towards choreographing the action rather than anything else. Luckily like I mentioned, most of the film is action so in that sense it’s great, 10/10 I would say, but the story that’s poorly stitched in between is something that the film could’ve gone without to be honest. The problem is is that it seemed to over complicate the situation, to the point where I didnt care what was happening with the story, it all got a bit mixed up with itself. I would very much compare this film to a first person ‘John Wick’ in terms of action, what John Wick did great was give it a simple story, that way more of the focus is on the complex action, having complex action whilst also trying to fit in a complex story just didnt mix very well. Plus the acting is pretty atrocious in this film too just as a little side note.

Overall if you’re looking for a russian first person beat em up then log into your netflix account and get yourself on this. The story itself and chacters may be lacking but what it lacks in depth it more than makes up for in explosions and strip club gun fights, what more do you expect from Rus

6.5 Rotisary Legs out of 10

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