The Grand Budapest Hotel


Review by Lewis Goodall


Grand Budapest hotel tells the story of a legendary concierge and a lobby boy as they recover a priceless painting.
The film takes place between the 2 world wars and takes place in a fictional country of Zubrowka.
The film start with a girl approaching a gravestone with a book on the grand Budapest hotel. This then unravels to a russian doll esque type narrative where the book is written by a storyteller who meets the man who owns the hotel, the owner of the hotel then tells the story of how he came the be in the position of owner of the hotel.. trust me it makes more sense when you watch it.
The concierge played by Ralph Fiennes is a lover of older women and smelling nice, who soon finds out that one of the women he’s drilling passes away. He and the new lobby boy go to pay their respects to the old women to then find out that Ralph is in the will to receive a priceless painting called “Boy with apple” The family of the woman aren’t happy and want the painting, thus starts a cat and mouse style chase for the rest of the film.

This film does a lot of things right and pretty much nothing wrong, the more I think about it the less this film does wrong, i don’t know if there are any wrongs.
This film is directed by Wes Anderson which is noticeable even if you didn’t know. Of course that beautiful camera angle style comes back and it’s just, I don’t know how he does it, every shot is perfectly framed, every single shot just immediately has the appearance of love crafted into it and it just sets it above the rest. Colour palette is just as good as one of those puddings in the film, you’ll have to watch it to get what I mean.
The characters in this film are so tightly written, everyone is so different from the rest which is what a film needs, you don’t want beige characters that all blend together.
The main character, played by Ralph Fiennes, is an eccentric old lady lover who loves the finer things and it is acted beautifully, if I’m honest all of the acting in this film is done to a tee, even the small characters felt like they played a big part in the film.
Of course the acting is there but backed up by an even better script, the screenplay is incredible, all the dialogue is realistic, and fits the tone, also its actually funny, a lot of comedy films nowadays rely on, well actually I don’t know, most of it is pretty shite but this film is written with fun in mind and is able to switch from comedy to serious in an instant where it all makes sense, the comedy isn’t really just chucked in, it’s more a part of the story.

Overall, shot incredibly (of course, it’s Wes Anderson) acted fantastically, script is tight.
Music amazing, set design amazing costumes and everything like that is just as good.

9 Pencil Moustaches out of 10

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