Toy Story 4

“It’s the most noble thing a toy can do”

Review by Lewis Goodall

Toy story 4 has the gang all back together for one final adventure as their kid, Bonnie creates a new toy called Forky (voiced by Tony Hale) at the nursery orientation day. The usual compadres of Woody (voiced by Tom Hanks, the legend) and Buzz (voiced by Tim Allen, the DIY dad) along with all the other toys go on a road trip with Forky and the family. As Forky gets himself lost along the journey, it’s up to the usual suspects to get him back to Bonnie.

Being born in 1996, a year after the first movie, I’ve grown up with the Toy Story franchise and grown alongside Woody, Buzz and the rest of the gang. I was very content and happy with the way things ended in Toy Story 3, as were a lot of people so it was interesting when they were making a forth and again, me along side pretty much everyone I assume, was preparing for this to not live up to the way the third one ended. Toy Story 4 is the film no one asked for, but by god it is the finale we all needed.

It’s the fourth film and it has not lost any of its charm from its first film, it was the perfect end to the franchise and everyone who is a Toy Story fan, animation fan, film fan, fan of breathing needs to see this film.

The film starts 9 years before the end of Toy Story 3, it had Woody and the gang saving the remote control car from the first film from a rain storm. They use Slinky to stretch down from a the first story window, with Woody on the end of him. They grab hold of the car and bring him back up to the window, however Woody falls in the process. At this same time the family is having a clear out of some toys, including Bo Peep. Woody tries to rescue Bo Peep, because, well let’s be honest, Woody’s always had a lil’ something something for Bo Peep, a little woody of his own know what I’m saying? But anyway, she gets taken away and never seen again.

This is just the first scene but by this point my jaw was on the floor with the animation. I honestly could not tell if it was all animated or if they just super imposed an animated Woody into live footage because it was just insane! The attention to detail with the animation was beyond breathtaking. From seeing little details in the toys’ clothes where they had worn down a bit, chips in the paint on surfaces, there was one scene later on where they are somewhere slightly dusty and every time they walked little teeny tiny dust particles would float around. I just don’t understand how animation has gotten this good, I thought that with Moana, I thought the animation for that was incredible but somehow they topped it, and if anything I’m scared and excited to see how far they can take this. Pixar are on another level.

The film then goes back to present day with Bonnie on her first day of nursery, she isn’t allowed to take a toy so she makes one, and thus, possibly one of the best aspects of the franchise was born… Forky!! Forky is just an incredible character, because he was just meant for the trash, he spends the first half of the film believing he belongs in the trash so will run towards any bin he sees and it just got funnier and funnier as it went on. This goes for pretty much all the other new additions to this film. We have Ducky and Bunny (voiced by Key and Peele) and also DUKE CABOOM!!! (Voiced by the second messiah, Keanu Reeves). I was worried from the trailer that the Ducky and Bunny characters were going to feel really forced and just an annoying pair of comic reliefs but again I was wrong, they were both incredible every time they came on screen. This film is just hilarious, just every moment had me laughing in one way, shape or form, whether an outburst or a small exhale from the nose. It was constant.

As well as being funny, it was actually quite creepy at points. There was a warning at the beginning that it contained scary scenes to which the whole cinema audience scoffed at but one scene actually made everyone jumped. In the journey of getting Forky back to Bonnie, they end up in an antique store which includes a plethora (thank you dictionary) of creepy dolls which would walk by dragging their legs behind them and snappy head movements were genuinely unsettling, now I’m 22 and it gave me the spooks so I don’t know how it would affect a kid. It would’ve been funny to see a kid in the cinema jump, scream and cry at it, but that’s just my sociopath ways.

The last emotion this film made me feel which I’m sure everyone else felt, was pure sadness. This being the final journey for the toys didn’t come without its heartbreak. Sticking with these characters my whole life and watching it come to an end made me well up at multiple points during this movie. The final words and the way they were said will stick with me, even thinking about it now makes my heart well up with tears, and probably a lot of blood.

Its was just an all round perfect end to the gang, although I would’ve liked to have seen more of the original bunch throughout the film like Jessie and Rex which were in it for around a total of 5 minutes. That would be my only issue with the film, that I really would’ve liked a bit more of the original team working together like old times, although I have absolutely no problem with the new characters, it just would’ve been nice for the final adventure together. But that personal preference does not change how utterly magical this film is and how i will not stop telling people to go and see it.

Also, there was a 2001: Space Odyssey reference which filled my Stanley Kubrick gland with overwhelming joy.

9 Remote Controlled Skunks out of 10

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